Being the Best to Get a Great Job!

May 14, 2015

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Every year, Catherine Ricciardi comes to Arusha, generally in March, to provide  KIITEC students with her famous presentation on “ How to Be The Best to Get a Great Job”.  Our students love it!

This training takes place just before the students leave KIITEC for a three month internship with the top performing companies in Tanzania.  It is a full time exercise over 10 days, which includes several modules such as:  How to Write a C.V.,  where students actually write their C.V.’s  under Catherine’s supervision, - How to write a candidature letter, -  How to Conduct Yourself Properly in an Interview, -  What to disclose as well as not disclose.  These exercises conclude with an individual, face to face interview with Catherine playing the role of the employer. (She is a great player!).

This year we celebrate the 10THanniversary of KIITEC, and  in September, will host our 8thgraduation ceremony, by which time, most of this batch of students will have a “Great job” .

Thank you Catherine. Thanks also to Bob Echols, who has helped to develop the students Communication Skills during their 3 years at KIITEC.