Collaborations With Technical Institutions

We work together with education institutions committed to improving technical education programming with a practical and hands-on approach to learning.

Understanding that local communities are often better positioned to find the solutions to their own problems, our training programmes rely on shared responsibilities but local ownership, entrusting the coordination and management to the local leadership team of the schools.

We have secured partnerships with existing technical education facilities across the East African region.

In Tanzania we are working together with:

· KIITEC: Kilimanjaro International Institute for Telecommunications, Electronics & Computers

· MIST: Mbeya Institute of Science and Technology

· ATC: Arusha Technical College

· DIT: Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology

· St. Agustine College in Mwanza

We have conducted preliminary needs assessments with the Ministry of Educations in Zambia, Burundi and Kenya and the early stages of project plans are currently underway.

In order to extend our reach across East Africa, plans are in place to connect with education facilities in Rwanda and Uganda