Volunteer Stories

Jean-Pierre Acquadro, President of ADEI

I started to volunteer in 1992, but it was chance that led me on the path of humanitarian aid. Through the medical association AMD, I worked as a project manager in countries through Africa and Asia. It was through these initial volunteer experiences I learned to appreciate and enjoy the work on the ground while still respecting the values and culture of the countries where we worked...Read more







Denis Gruffaz, ADEI Volunteer

What led me to join ADEI?

The answer is both simple and complex...

A touch of random, a bit of luck, a pinch of wanting to leave the beaten track ... and a dream of the unknown!

But these few ingredients are not sufficient alone. I also add the will to share my skills in technical education, particularly in electrical engineering. After teaching in this field for twenty years, I thought I could bring  my  professional experience to serve the education goals of ADEI... Read more

Ravi Bhushan Singh, ADEI Volunteer

The education system in Tanzania is very different than that in many developed countries. The major difference is that in many countries, education is free and every youth has the right to attend though there are many children in the world who value education, in Tanzania, it is considered a privilege to access quality education... Read more






Joel Lequette, ADEI Volunteer

Since 2009, I have worked as a volunteer in developing projects at KIITEC in Arusha, Tanzania. I started out by providing training in Control Systems Maintenance to the locally hired teachers at KIITEC but have since increased my involvement in projects over there. I have seen the impact FTE’s Education Model on students, the local communities and industries and I believe that it is a powerful model worth expanding across the region...Read more


Alphonse Franco, ADEI Volunteer

For me, it was pretty much by chance that I started volunteering but as chance would have it, I became a volunteer with ADEI. My professional life had led me to work in an Automations Research Laboratory called ENSEIG (INP Grenoble), where I was a CNRS Instrumentations Engineer. Also, I was involved in activities that had to with Industrial Applications. At the same time I also taught in schools and also at IUT GEII...Read more


As a volunteer you will share your knowledge and experience to help others through education, providing a real opportunity for a better future. Apply today and use your professional skills to help make real change.